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  • The Blackfoot Scholarship Fund is designed to provide academic support for students served by Blackfoot at their parents’ residence or their own principal residence. The scholarship may be used to assist with costs incurred at a junior/community/technical school or a four-year college/university. The scholarship award and its value will be determined by Blackfoot's Scholarship Committee, with a minimum award of $500.

    Applicants should be graduating or have graduated from an accredited public, parochial or private high school. Applicants must be entering or enrolled in an accredited junior/community/technical school or a four-year college/university. Preference may be given to graduating high school seniors, those attending in-state schools and those studying fields related to telecommunications.

    To apply for a Blackfoot Scholarship, you must complete this online application, which includes essay questions. You are also required to submit the following documentation:

    1) A current school transcript.
    2) One letter of recommendation from a teacher.
    3) One character reference letter from a community member.
    4) A current school photo.

    Scholarship Application Deadline: March 1, 2018

    Scholarship winners will be notified in mid March and will be recognized at Blackfoot's Annual Meeting on Saturday, April 21, 2018. Scholarship funds will be sent to awarded students upon receipt of proof of registration at the student’s school of choice.

    Eligibility Requirements: Past recipients of a Blackfoot Scholarship are not eligible to participate. Dependents of Directors and employees of Blackfoot and/or its affiliated companies, are also ineligible to participate.

    For questions, please contact program administrator Marilee Klaudt at or 406-541-5111.

    Please Note: You cannot save your progress on this application. Therefore, before getting started, please ensure you have ample time to complete the application and that all of your required documentation is available for submission.