Modem Assurance Plan+

When you are at home, you want your connection to the internet to be wireless, reliable and easy. Whether you are upstairs, in the basement or in the family room, the new Blackfoot Modem Assurance Plan+ ensures that you are connected to your family, friends and the world with the strongest signal possible.

Connect Seamlessly


Using innovative location-based technology, Blackfoot technicians will discover the best place for your modem that will provide the most coverage throughout your home.

After the modem is placed in the ideal location, a second discovery scan provides confirmation of coverage throughout your home.

If there are specific locations within the home that need additional coverage – perhaps a home office or a room with conflicting wireless spectrums – Blackfoot may install a small wireless extender. The extender ensures far-away in-home rooms have the same strong signal as other rooms.

Connect Reliably

From the location of the modem to conflicting wireless spectrums and rogue bandwidth-hogging devices, there can be a number of factors that impact the performance and reliability of your in-home wireless network. Whatever the reason, accessing the Internet on a slow connection can be frustrating.

To ensure your devices connect reliably, the Blackfoot Modem Assurance Plan+ solution includes:

  • Installation of a new and innovative modem by a Blackfoot technician (and a free replacement if our support team confirms the modem is faulty)
  • Built-in dual-band network options to reduce potential interference from other wireless spectrums
  • Support portal allowing Blackfoot Technical Support to instantly discover connected devices that may be slowing your network

Connect Easily

Mobile phones. Tablets. Laptops. Smart TVs. The number and type of Internet-enabled devices seems to grow every day. With family and friends visiting, your home can seem like Reserve Street during rush hour.

The Blackfoot Modem Assurance Plan+ solution includes the following services to ensure your devices connect easily and safely:

  • Set up your wireless network with a memorable name
  • Create a specific network for your house guests to easily join
  • Enable industry-standard Wi-Fi security protocols including WPA and WPA2

Local Support

We know questions may come up – and when you need answers, we’re here to help! Visit our support page or contact Blackfoot’s Technical Support team via Live ChatEmail or phone at 877-881-1155.

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