Broadband Internet

Comparing Internet and networking packages can be confusing. Just because a certain speed is advertised, doesn’t mean that’s the speed you’ll get or that it will serve your needs. For example, with cable companies, you share bandwidth with numerous other commercial customers — that slows your speed and impacts reliability.

At Blackfoot, you get the full benefit of our high-speed service with dedicated bandwidth and guaranteed speeds. Moreover, we design solutions around how your company operates. Do you upload large files? Is most of your traffic incoming? Are you conducting high volume activities such as credit card transactions? How many users log in at once? Based on your needs and budget, our team specifies, designs and configures the ideal network and Internet solution, choosing from advanced options, such as Ethernet, dedicated T1 and Integrated Access.

With Blackfoot, you don’t get an off-the-shelf business package, you get a business team and data solution that deliver in every way — reliability, speed and price.


Blackfoot's Business Team


How Blackfoot can help Small Businesses

<h2>Retail Operations</h2>

Retail Operations

Retailers and restaurants have unique, high-volume data needs, whether they're supporting a single register or 20. Our local account managers have experience creating highly reliable, stable Internet solutions for retail operations.
<h2>Professional Offices</h2>

Professional Offices

In a professional office, the type of business, data variety and number of users drives your Internet needs. Our local account managers work with professional firms of all kinds to spec and integrate reliable, high-speed data solutions.
<h2>Recreation and Tourism</h2>

Recreation and Tourism

Tourism businesses have highly variable data needs and often operate seasonally in rural areas. Blackfoot's history with local lodges, fly shops, outfitters and more enables us to deliver flexible solutions, affordably.